@matigo Hahah. I hope that neither of those things happen. You are right, this TV show is really bad…I might have to revert to watching "Community"

@matigo That is cool. I don't know what SotU is, but I enjoyed meeting people and watching the site develop too. I stopped checking in every day, but I still checked in periodically. It was definitely a fun place to be and I wish @berg and @dalton were here too.

@matigo No we weren't, but somebody may have profited in that way. I'm not complaining about what I paid. I'm just saying that it seems weird they virtually disappeared

@matigo But then a lot of other people stopped using it at the same time, so I am not sure if it was logical to think of that

@matigo Yes, I sometimes wondered if it was a ponzi scheme of some sort and that's why they didn't use it.

@matigo Well, I'm actually watching it on Netflix because I'm too lazy to try and find something else, but you are probably right. I put a poll on Tw*tter and two respondents have voted for the UK version.

@matigo I just read your #ADN blog post written after it was gone and I agree with what you said about them never appearing on it. I found that really weird too.

@matigo The other night I started watching the Aristocats for the first time since childhood. I fell asleep pretty quickly.

@matigo After posing the question, I have discovered there is no UK version on Netflix. I will have to find another program……………..

@matigo whoa, ok I'm going to see if I can get the UK one on Netflix. Thank you ?