@literary It's difficult. We need a way to post to both as well as monitor both

@kdfrawg You mean nightmares about them attacking you?

// @manx

@manx And yes, the Arctic and the climate changes are very scary.

@manx It's not so much the cold, which I have experienced from time to time over the years. It is the everlastingness of it all. It just goes on and on indefinitely.

@kdfrawg agreed.

// @joeo10 @manx

@manx this is my first full winter since 2007/8 in the north. I'm glad it's been relatively warm most of the time but it has gone on and on. It is not like I remember winter

@hazardwarning oh wow. A damning indictment— I think Netflix needs to up its game

// @matigo

@jeremycherfas ok thanks. I will try and find it.

// @matigo

@jeremycherfas did u watch it on Netflix?

// @matigo